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Internal Control Assessment

Internal Control Assessment

Public companies have requirements for effective systems of internal control over financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements. These requirements also include the need to ensure that the data produced is reliable and that there are adequate controls for any deficiencies.

KT Partners’ team has reviewed the internal control systems of many Canadian, US, and global companies to assess their internal controls and make recommendations to enhance them. This helps management ensure that;

  • their operations comply with prescribed procedures, policies, and legislation,
  • they establish systems to help prevent and detect internal fraud,
  • there is appropriate financial reporting, and
  • operations are as effective and efficient as possible.

Our experienced accounting professionals will help your business implement control systems that incorporate appropriate evaluation processes and effective monitoring programs.

Whether you are a public, private, or not-for-profit organizations, we can help you review and improve your internal control systems with expert evaluation, please contact your local branch of KT Partners.

Internal Control